NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 premieres on September 22, 2015 with the season finale, Sleeping with the Enemy, airing on May 17, 2016, which was contains 24 episodes.

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The second season of the NCIS: New Orleans once again follows the work of Special Agent Dwayne Pride, Chris LaSalle, Meredith Brody, and new team member Sonja Percy. Tasked with solving crimes involving the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps in the Crescent City, the team investigate the ambush of a Navy convoy ("Sic Semper Tyrannis"), a suspected war crime ("Shadow Unit"), the black-market sale of a military drone ("I Do"), and a murder at New Orleans' annual Red Dress run ("Insane in the Membrane"). Pride also works alongside an Australian Naval Investigator, who comes to New Orleans as part of a joint task force ("Foreign Affairs"), and Secretary Sarah Porter, as she oversees the inquiry into the crash of a new military jet ("Touched by the Sun"), while Brody's mother, Olivia, joins the team to track down an organ thief ("Broken Hearted"), and NCIS agents join their New Orleans counterparts when a family member is accused of murder ("Sister City Part II").

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  • On June 19, 2015, Daryl Mitchell and Shalita Grant, who had been recurring cast members through the show's first season, were both promoted to series regulars.
  • Mark Harmon, Pauley Perrette, David McCallum, Emily Wickersham and Brian Dietzen guest starred in "Sister City Part 2", the 12th episode of NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 and also a crossover episode with the main NCIS series.
  • On July 27, 2016, Zoe McLellan (Meredith Brody) announced that she would not be renewing for her contact for Season 3, due to the show going in a new creative reasons.

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Image Title Airdate Director Writer Season Episode Series Episode
Sic Semper Tyranis "Sic Semper Tyranis" September 22, 2015 James Whitmore, Jr. Jeffrey Lieber 1 24
Following an ambush on a Navy convoy, the team discovers that a sophisticated GPS-guided missile has gone missing, and when they track the theft to a massive meeting of anti-government militia groups, Pride must go undercover to learn what they intend to do with the missile. Meanwhile, Percy adjusts to NCIS, having become an NCIS Special Agent while being pranked by Brody and LaSalle, and Pride's divorce is finalized.

  • Daryl "Chill" Mitchell and Shalita Grant are both regular series.
Shadow Unit "Shadow Unit" September 29, 2015 James Hayman Christopher Silber 2 25
The team investigate a murder of a blogger who obtained a top secret government file. It is later revealed that a trained Navy SEAL might be behind the crime and also a possible war crime.
Touched by the Sun "Touched by the Sun" October 6, 2015 Edward Ornelas Laurie Arent 3 26
The team investigates a plane crash of a female Navy pilot. Meanwhile, Wade deals with some family issues.
I Do (episode) "I Do" October 13, 2015 Tony Wharmby Sam Humphrey 4 27
The team investigates the murder of a Navy drone pilot. Later on, it is revealed that the pilot was using a black market drone to obtain military files which could be linked to the murder. Meanwhile, Pride confronts LaSalle about his self-destructive behavior after Savannah's murder.
Foreign Affairs (episode) "Foreign Affairs" October 20, 2015 Laura Belsey Sanford Golden & Karen Wyscarver 5 28
A murder results in help from Australian Defence Force Investigative Service Investigator Naomi Parsons, but the team is dubious about her. Meanwhile, Pride and his daughter bond.
Insane in the Membrane "Insane in the Membrane" October 27, 2015 Leslie Libman David Appelbaum 6 29
The team investigates a murder of a Petty Officer while they participate in a Red Dress Run for charity. It leads them to an epidemic of a new drug called Flakka.
Broken Hearted "Broken Hearted" November 3, 2015 Elodie Keene Zach Strauss & Greta Heinemann 7 30
The team investigates murder of two Navy paramedics in which a missing organ for a recipient is hanging in the balance. Also, Brody's mother comes to visit but joins the NCIS team to help with the case.
Confluence "Confluence" November 10, 2015 Edward Ornelas Jeffrey Lieber & Katherine Beattie 8 31
Pride and Percy get caught in a violent crossfire while escorting a Texas prisoner as a key witness to a murder trial. the Team later discover that old enemy Zed Hastings (from "Sic Semper Tyranis") has set a trap in order to get Pride.
Darkest Hour "Darkest Hour" November 17, 2015 Michael Zinberg Laurie Arent 9 32
The power in New Orleans goes out while the team investigates the murder of a Petty Officer who is engaged to one of the friends of Pride's daughter.
Billy and the Kid "Billy and the Kid" November 24, 2015 Mary Lou Belli Sam Humphrey 10 33
Pride and LaSalle uncover lost evidence of a ten year old murder investigation they were working on when they first met right before Hurricane Katrina.
Blue Christmas "Blue Christmas" December 15, 2015 Tony Wharmby Zach Strauss 11 34
The team investigates a burglary turned murder scene during the holiday season.
Sister City (Part 2) "Sister City (Part II)" January 5, 2016 James Hayman Christopher Silber 12 35
Ellie Bishop travels to New Orleans to help Agent Pride investigate a Russian Sleeper Spy that is involved with Abby's brother Luca.
Undocumented "Undocumented" January 19, 2016 Frederick E.O. Toye David Appelbaum 13 36
The team investigate a murder made to look like a suicide of a Navy Petty Officer. Meanwhile, the NCIS team set up an online dating profile for Pride.
Father's Day (episode) "Father's Day" February 9, 2016 Dennis Smith Sam Humphrey 14 37
In the midst of Mardi Gras, Pride and Mayor Hamilton are both abducted from their parties, and as the team races to locate them, the two find themselves with the husband whose wife's supposed suicide was investigated by Pride, and Hamilton was suspected of killing her.
No Man's Land "No Man's Land" February 16, 2016 James Whitmore Cathryn Humphris 15 38
The team search for a man who saved a soldier's life on a train who is believed to be a soldier himself from Afghanistan.
Second Chances "Second Chances" February 23, 2016 Tessa Blake Zach Strauss 16 39
Following the theft of TNT from a Navy base, the team's investigation leads them to Sonya and a drug ring using the TNT to process cocaine.
Radio Silence "Radio Silence" March 1, 2016 Tess Blake Laurie Arent & Greta Heinemann 17 40
After a Navy captain's murder is broadcast over the radio, the team's investigation leads them to protect the radio host and looking into her charity. Meanwhile, Pride's daughter makes a surprising decision about her future.
If it Beeds, it Leads "If it Bleeds, it Leads" March 15, 2016 Bethany Rooney David Appelbaum 18 41
The team investigate a deadly traffic accident that puts a new lead to the murder of Brody's sister while they celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
Means to an End "Means to an End" March 22, 2016 Alrick Riley Christopher Silber 19 42
The NCIS team discover a surveillance van tracking every move of Pride while he investigates an attack on his daughter.
Second Line "Second Line" April 5, 2016 Tony Wharmby Nancylee Myatt 20 43
The team investigates a murder of a Navy Lieutenant while at a funeral for a fellow Navy Reservist. But Pride thinks that these deaths might be connected.
Collateral Damage "Collateral Damage" April 19, 2016 James Whitmore Jr. Cathryn Humphris 21 44
The jobs of Pride and his team are in jeopardy when they investigate the murder of a naval supply officer with whom an army general was supposedly having an affair.
Help Wanted "Help Wanted" May 3, 2016 Terrance O'Hara Sam Humphrey 22 45
The NCIS team investigate a suspious explosion at a popular restaurant in New Orleans that targeted a Navy culinary specialist. Meanwhile, Brody is questioned by the FBI about the General Matthews case and meets a DHS official.
The Third Man "The Third Man" May 10, 2016 Bethany Rooney David Appelbaum & Zach Strauss 23 46
The NCIS team teams up with Homeland Security on a case involving the murder of a Navy master diver which later reveals to be linked to a plot of a terrorist attack in New Orleans.
Sleeping with the Enemy "Sleeping with the Enemy" May 17, 2016 James Hayman Christopher Silber 24 47
While tracking down stolen explosives, Brody suspects that the Homeland Security agent assisting them is the ringleader of the plot.

  • Zoe McLellan's final contact appearance in this series.