The NCIS New Orleans Office is a small team that investigates cases from Pensacola through Mississippi and Louisiana to the Texas Panhandle.

Unlike the NCIS Major Case Response Team in Washington D.C., the small size of the New Orleans field office requires the team employ the services of Dr. Loretta Wade, the coroner for Jefferson Parish, Louisiana to perform autopsies for the bodies in their cases.

The office appears to be an old building or garage. It is large enough for SSA Pride to live upstairs and cook food in an kitchen area and a craw-fish boil in the courtyard.

In reality, the NCIS New Orleans Field Office is based at 400 Russell Ave, Bldg 557, New Orleans, LA 70143 (see [1])


  • Leon Vance - Director of NCIS
  • Jerome Craig - Deputy Director of NCIS
  • Owen Granger - Assistant Director of NCIS


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