Laurel 2


Laurel Pride is the daughter of Dwayne Cassius Pride and Linda Pride. Introduced in the episode, The Recruits, she is a Music Major from Louisiana State University and vehemently supports her college's football team. It is stated she isn't a good cook like her father but gained his passion for music. The first song she was taught by Pride was "God Bless the Child."

In the episode Chasing Ghosts, we learn that Laurel is graduating with honours and that she has a boyfriend named Orion. She previously had boyfriends named Barry Andrew, Chris and Kenneth. Because of her father's position and skills, Laurel has a rule that her father must not have a "bromance" with her boyfriends. In Le Carnivale de la Mort, it was revealed she was secretly visiting her grandfather, Cassius Pride.

A running gag for Laurel is that she tends to have scenes where she eats food, most often cooked by her father.

Laurel is portrayed by Shanley Caswell.